Nicole Thomas
Laura Duke

A graduate of one of New York City’s top creative institutions, “The Pratt Institute” in Brooklyn, Nicole is a rare talent with her own unique style. Nicole was chosen based on her unique talent of showcasing the human form. All of her paintings are original pieces relevant to "The Inns, Charleston," the "low-country," and the rich history of the "south" that we hope our guests enjoy as much as we do.

Laura is one of Augusta, Georgia's top abstract and impressionist style artists. She has a passion for capturing authentic Southern art, with a focus on landscapes and the female figure, specifically - "The lady with the bun," who can be seen in many rooms throughout "The Inns." Laura's art feels right at home at "The Inns, Charleston" as her passion for Charleston and the "Low-Country" are a major part of the vibe we hope to share with our guests. We are honored and privileged to have Laura as part of our team in delivering the authentic Charleston experience. 

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