Who We Are

We've brought together some of the brightest minds to deliver a common goal of delivering our guests the highest level luxury vacation home experience.

Leanne Briggs
Property Manager

When your mission statement is “To deliver our guests the highest level vacation home experience," you need to have someone local with an eye for detail and a focus on the careful execution of top notch service.  Leanne has spent the last seven years working for two of Charleston’s most famous and internationally renowned restaurants: "Halls Chophouse” & "Fulton Five." Her training and experience within the high end service industry and ability to lead a team of people dedicated to delivering the highest level of service is critical  to ensuring that every guest is totally satisfied with their stay at "The Inns, Charleston."

Jarrett Thomas

A Washington D.C. native, Jarrett has been a financial advisor for nearly a decade.  A common theme that he noticed in analyzing his clients' financial situations: the carrying costs of a vacation home typically work against building wealth. As Airbnb and VRBO have emerged as viable connectors for hosts and guests, the historically "counterproductive" vacation home story began to change, and thus the idea for “The Inns” was made possible. In early 2016, and with complete peace of mind knowing that Charleston had won his heart – Jarrett purchased two adjacent homes (69 & 71 Spring Street) and completely restored them both with a vision of providing an authentic "Low-Country" Charleston experience for all to enjoy. He is very proud to have saved these homes from decline and restore them to their former glory. You will see the attention to every detail when you choose "The Inns, Charleston." 

Rob Bennett

Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Rob has called Charleston home since 2013.  His knowledge of real estate, Airbnb, VRBO, and business development have been instrumental in making “The Inns, Charleston” a success.  In addition to his expertise in real estate, Rob has deep connections locally which have been critical in making sure that every detail behind the scenes is carefully executed to deliver the most authentic and high-end Charlestonian experience for guests to enjoy.